Frequently asked questions

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Is the AGRO Inspector available worldwide for all countries?

AGRO Inspector is currently operable anywhere for data processing.

Is an Internet connection needed to use AGRO Inspector?

Yes, you need an internet connection to work with the app.

What mobile platforms do you support?

Android and iOS. Both apps are available in the respective app stores.

What are the AGRO Inspector system requirements?

Mobile: Android OS version 4.1 or later, iOS version 9.1 or later.
Web browsers supported: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera (not Internet explorer).

How can I start to use AGRO Inspector?

In the pricing section on the website, choose options PRO1 or PRO2 and fill out the order. We will send you an email with an invoice. After making payment, you will receive a login and password by email.

What should I do in the case of Internet connection failure during data uploading?

Start upload again.

What should I do in the event my dataset is more than 5GB or my territory area is larger than 250 ha?

Please, click the „on demand“ button and send us your message.

What happens if I didn’t pay a monthly payment?

We will send you the notification about the payment by email and then your account will be blocked. Your account and data will be backed up for 3 months thereafter the account with data will be deleted.

What should I do in event I have questions but I didn´t find out the answer to them?

No problem! Please use our contact form on the website –