AGRO Inspector is an analytical and interpretive agro software to recognise potential damage in crops, it depends on NDVI, GNDVI and other vegetation indexes. It gives you access to your data anytime, anywhere from your device. The software is recommended for drone or satellites owners, farmers and insurance companies for recognising potential damage to crops (such as wheat, corn, oil seed rape, etc.). The mobile application comes from a desktop solution that is available for you and your clients, too. It´s available for many crops all over the world – (wheat, corn, oil seed rape…..). Please see the COMPATIBILITY and VIDEO page.

AGRO Inspector works with vegetation indexes:

  • NDVI is a general vegetation index detecting the vitality and health of crops.
  • GNDVI is used for the detection of water and nitrogen content in crops.
  • GRVI is used to monitor biomass content in plants.
  • NDRE is sensitive to chlorophyll content in crops, is used at the beginning and end of the growing season.

Please, about vegetation indexes see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normalized_difference_vegetation_index